Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Me lately:

What I am READING (in rotation):

On Love - Alain de Botton

Too Much and Not the Mood - Durga Chew-Bose

Little Labors - Rivka Galchen

The definition of L'appel du vide

The love story between Inês de Castro and Peter of Portugal

A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women - Siri Hustvedt

Sounds I am LISTENING to (on repeat): 

Broken Clocks - SZA

The steady whoosh of traffic outside my bedroom window

Silence's vibration when you are completely alone

The soft, subtle movements of my roommate around the house, muffled by my closed bedroom door

Someone outside, speaking loudly on the phone in a foreign tongue (cadence is harsh, urgent, aggressive, punctured), at 10:30 pm, every night

Clair de Lune - Debussy, playing from another room 

A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening - Curtis Fuller

What I'm EATING (out of happiness, depression, anxiety, molten rose gold feelings etc):

Corn puff cereal, dry

Peanut butter pretzels

Steel cut oats with mushy dried apricots, soy creamer, raspberries, five tablespoons of Agave

Not sweet papaya

Semi burnt Tarte d'Alsace

Ak Mak with Goat cheese (I hate Ak Mak but I keep eating it because it's edible even when v stale)

Not yet ripe apricots

Sweet baguette

Overly sautéed kale

Overly sautéed spinach

Cuban style black beans

Sour blueberries

Cotton Candy Grapes

Jalapaño chutney

Golden Oolong Tea (golden means absolutely nothing)

Vanilla Almond Clusters

Sweet Potatoes

Softly fried eggs with cumin, salt, and pepper

My own feelings


Stop buying Persian cucumbers

"You look like a woman who knows what she does"

Stop buying broccolini

Southwestern Chopped Salad Kit

I need someone who will guard my sleep

Less coffee, more water

My strange emotional attachment to my water bottle

It's not because he misses you

The idea of choosing people who choose you

Why does Evian water taste so terrible?

To remember: 'Try your best not to retreat into old habits and coping mechanisms that just enable the hard times'

Solitude is good, isolation not so much

Conquering callousness / apathy / catastrophe

Tears are just salt water

The beauty and strange sadness in individual experiences

Benefit of the doubt

Wear softer things



Bank statements

Random bits left from past lovers

Any and all berry hued lipsticks