Friday, January 2, 2015


I can't believe that another year has come and gone so quickly. This past year was a year that I am grateful to have experienced. Reflecting back on the past twelve months, I am happy and proud of the things I have done. Although they aren't huge, monumental or world-changing things, they were small personal triumphs and that makes them all the more meaningful.

Life shined a little brighter for me once I turned 25. Everything that seemed a little hazy to me became crystal clear. And with that, I became much more in tune with myself. I recommitted myself to always valuing what is important to me, never compromising on what I believe in or what I stand for. Striving to always be kind and unflinchingly honest with others and myself. Integrity always being at the core, to never lose credibility. 'Thank you for everything, forgive me for everything'. There is always more room for thank you's and one can always use a reminder to let go of pride and apologize for any wrong doing. Encourage excitement in others and in myself. Love always prevails over the negative. 'La haine engendre la haine’. It's okay to be scared, so follow your intuition, listen to your gut. Time is precious; be gracious with your time and with the time of others. Be bold. Be open. Be true. Re-evaluating what is important and what to remember for the next 12 months is my favorite part of the New Year. Although it's something I should do more often, the New Year is a nice little push and reminder.

Although my life is far from perfect, and though there are moments I struggle with it, I am so incredibly happy with the life that I live. It would be a damn shame to complain. I am thankful for being able to wake up each morning with excitement because there is still so much for me to experience, discover and learn. This year wasn't the easiest, but it's made me become a better person for the ones that I love.

I wish you the best in the New Year. I hope it is full of light.