Thursday, May 24, 2012

princess di

"June 29th, 1994: Diana was due to appear at a Vanity Fair dinner the same evening a television interview in which Charles had confessed to his extramarital affair with Camilla Parker-Boweles was to air. Knowing this, Diana particularly picked a little black dress that showed off her good figure and plenty of skin for the event. (It was later described as a “little wisp of chiffon.”) Designed by Christina Stambolian, Diana had purchased it a few years before when shopping with her brother, but had been hesitant to wear it because of how much it revealed and its color. She chose this occasion to debut the dress. The next morning, it was she, not Charles, who made the front pages of the newspapers. The media was quick to label it as the first “revenge dress”, as well as the, “Up Yours, Charles” dress. It is one of Diana’s most remembered pieces. "

...and that is how you do it. 
(source: ladyofwales)