Sunday, February 26, 2012

the weekend thru instagram

saturday morning brunch with morgan's mom. we ate at everyone's favorite guatemalan restaurant. i usually get their carne guisado but i went with their chorizo this time. it was so good! 

i love the small details in the woman's bathroom at my local salon, velvet monkey. i thought this painted rabbit face was so cute.

new hairdo! woo! woo! i was so excited. something about getting your hair done feels so great. it makes you feel good about yourself and it always makes me feel refreshed. it's always a well deserved treat to myself.

morgan and his mom found this awesome map of california at retro okc. i finally took a moment to browse the map this afternoon and i studied california for a bit. i haven't done that since grade school. it looks great hanging in his downstairs studio.

our little alien baby peering down at us from the staircase. 

i'll wear these shoes forever.

on saturday night, we took a late night drive to jack in the box and ate the best of the worst fast food in america. jack in the box tacos were a guilty pleasure back home in california so to have them here in oklahoma now is sort of really nice. they just hit the spot. that grease, that cheese, that fake (probably) meat. so good.

this massive church is just down the road from us. the lighting system hits the most perfect angles of this beautiful church. i made morgan pull over so i could take a photo of it. isn't it stunning?

sunday morning lounging. 

cinnamon rolls for breakfast
we went on our usual sunday afternoon walk. the weather was so beautiful. 

positive graffiti 

mini biscuit sandwiches for lunch

we took a clipped branch off of morgan's mom's cherry blossom tree. it's a nice addition against morgan's line drawing.
hope you had a good weekend as well! xo


  1. you make our weekend look so pretty!

  2. Ahhh I love Retro OKC. Inland to buy a bunch of those maps to cover my walls. How much was yours??

    1. I haven't been there yet! :( We should go! I've only been to Urbanology in the Plaza and Bad Granny's Bazaar. But anyway, I think Morgan paid around $40.00?? They're really neat. They look all old school :)